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We Grow, U-Pick

Welcome back to U-Pick Summer 2023!


We are excited to welcome you to EARTHseed for U-Pick at the farm on select Saturdays this Summer!


How it Works: You pick fruit, and fruit is priced per pound at check out.

U-Pick is by appointment only and we generally release U-Pick appointments at 9 AM on the Tuesday prior to Saturday U-Pick days. We will keep our website updated to let you know the next upcoming U-Pick dates.

Our next U-Pick dates are Oct 7th and Oct 8th, and appointments will be available starting on Tues, Oct 3rd at 9 AM.

Click the red button below to make your appointment, and read below for more information about what to expect.

If the link says no available appointments, we are all sold out. Thank you!


Farm Visit Details:

  • Next U-Pick Days:  Oct 7th and 8th (appointments available starting Oct 3rd)

  • Fruit Currently Available to Harvest: Apples 

  • Fruit featured in store: Asian Pears

  • Non-refundable entry fee: $35/group up to 4 people. Groups larger than 4 will need to pay an additional $7.50 per person upon arrival. Children age 3 and under are free.

Farm Store:

Visit our farm store during your U-Pick appointment for special items including select fruit when in season (Mulberries, Pluots, Asian Pears, Pineapple Guavas), beautiful African baskets, fresh sage and lavender bundles, handmade herbal products, popsicles, drinks, and more.

farm store.jpeg

Fruit Availability: 

This list includes what is generally available according to the season.

  • July: Raspberries, Blackberries

  • August: Gravenstein Apples, McIntosh Apples, Blackberries, Raspberries

  • September: Gilbert Golden Delicious Apples, Gala Apples, Braeburn Apples, Raspberries 

  • October:  Fuji Apples, Rome Apples 

  • November: Fuji Apples, Persimmons,  Pineapple Guava

Cost per pound: Blackberries: charged per basket - $8/basket for 2 people. Apples: $4/lb;  Asian Pears (in store): $6/lb.


August-November:  We also grow a variety of Asian Pears, including Hosui, Shinseiki, 20th Century, Chojuro, Niitaka, Shinko, Yoinashi, Olympic, and Atago. Pears are available August through mid November, at the farm store.

Benefits of joining the U-Pick:

  • Eat locally and eat seasonally!

  • You get to pick exactly which fruit you want from the tree.

  • You get to support our farm which is focused on regenerative farming practices, and get to experience participating in a harvest and seeing where your food comes from.

Apples at Earthseed.jpg

Safety & Children:

EARTHseed Farm is a working farm. While we make every effort to create a safe and fun environment, we have lots of equipment. Please stay with your children at all times and do not allow them to climb on farm equipment or trees.

Dogs Allowed:

Trained service animals are welcome to the farm. And guests are now allowed to bring their cute, furry, and well-behaved dogs to the farm. However, dogs must remain with owners at all times, on a leash at all times, and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog. No exceptions. 

farmstand (1).jpg

Harvesting and Handling Fruit:

As a reminder for hygienic handling of fruit, we ask that you only touch fruit on the tree that you intend to pick and purchase. And for your continued safety we have a handwashing and hand sanitizing set-up on the farm.

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