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We Grow, U-Pick

U-Pick is closed for now. We will see you in the summer of 2023 for U-Pick!


You can always support us with a tax-deductible donation to the non-profit arm of EARTHseed Farm.

Your thoughtful gift helps us to carry out our permaculture design mission, and ensure our offerings remain accessible to all.

Thank you for the many ways you support our farm, our work, and our community!


Farm Visit Details:

  • Next U-Pick Day: Will restart end of July/Early August, check back for updates.

  • Fruit Available to Harvest:  See the seasonal fruit availability below.

Farm Store:

Visit our farm store during your U-Pick appointment for special items including beautiful African baskets, fresh sage and lavender bundles, our own farmer's hand salves, popsicles, drinks, and more.


Fruit Availability: 

This list includes what is generally available according to the season.

  • July: Plums, Pluots, Blackberries

  • August: Pluots, Gravenstein Apples, McIntosh Apples, Blackberries, Raspberries

  • September: Gilbert Golden Delicious Apples, Gala Apples, Braeburn Apples, Raspberries 

  • October:  Fuji Apples, Rome Apples 

  • November: Fuji Apples, Persimmons,  Pineapple Guava


August-November:  We also grow a variety of Asian Pears, including Hosui, Shinseiki, 20th Century, Chojuro, Niitaka, Shinko, Ya Li. Pears are available mid August through mid November, at the farm store.

Benefits of joining the U-Pick:

  • Eat locally and eat seasonally!

  • You get to pick exactly which fruit you want from the tree.

  • Cost is comparable or less expensive than grocery store, and your money goes directly to farmers and stays in the local economy.

  • You get to support our farm which is focused on regenerative farming practices, and get to experience participating in a harvest and seeing where your food comes from.

Apples at Earthseed.jpg

Safety & Children:

EARTHseed Farm is a working farm. While we make every effort to create a safe and fun environment, we have lots of equipment. Please stay with your children at all times and do not allow them to climb on farm equipment or trees.

Dogs Allowed:

Trained service animals are welcome to the farm. And guests are now allowed to bring their cute, furry, and well-behaved dogs to the farm. However, dogs must remain with owners at all times, on a leash at all times, and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog. No exceptions. 


COVID-19 Protocol:

​Based on the latest CDC Guidelines, wearing face masks in indoor & outdoor settings is now optional (with exceptions to healthcare settings and public transportation).


We ask that visitors be considerate of those making the decision to wear face masks while in public.


As a reminder, we ask that you only touch fruit on the tree that you intend to pick and for your continued safety we have a handwashing and hand sanitizing set-up on the farm.


We will follow the latest CDC Guidelines and make updates when applicable. 

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