What is there to pick?
Depending on when you come, different fruits/varieties are available. Farm staff will let you know which fruits/varieties are available to pick when you come. Also, check our website for the latest updates. 
Can I pick anything I see?
No, thank you. Asian Pears are not in the U-Pick program and not available to pick. Also, many fruits look ripe months before they are actually ready to eat. Please rely on farm staff to inform you what is ready to pick at the time of your visit.
Can we bring friends if we are members?
You can bring friends if you are a member, however, groups are limited to 6 people per group.
Why do you have a membership program?
As a small farm we are unable to offer U-Pick to thousands of people. The memberships allow us to offer the experience to families who like to support small family farms.
Are all your products organic?

EARTHseed Farm

3175 Sullivan Rd.

Sebastopol, CA 95472


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U-Pick at EARTHseed Farm is a membership program. Learn more here.

EARTHseed Farm is a 501(c)2 organization established in 2021.