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Welcome Home to EARTHseed!

Thank you to everyone who has come and spent time with our human and more than human kin.

Our programming calendar is full through the end of the year! We look forward to welcoming you back home next season for programming. Our calendar will open up in March and we will launch our new programming season in May. Our U-Pick is still going, so please check back weekly on the dates (visit our U-Pick page).


Have a safe and joyous rest of the year!

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Group Tours 2023

You can experience EARTHseed through a tour for your organization, school, or company. Group size is minimum 15.  

Click here for more information about Tours.


Open Tour Days

This year, we will offer occasional public open tour days, where you can experience EARTHseed in a walking tour. 


Retreats 2023

You can host your organizational or company retreat at EARTHseed.  We only offer daylong retreats. 

Click here for more information about Retreats.

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