"The trees have protected me my whole life"

- Pandora Thomas,

Founder of EARTHseed Farm

The EARTHseed Family

Nonhuman Kin

At EARTHseed we honor all beings and the role they play in stewarding our community. We look to our nonhuman kin for guidance in these times and encourage you to do the same! Earthward!


Fantastic Felines

Pootsie, Greybeard and B.B. Queen

Tree Kin

Redwoods, Maples, Willows, Oaks, Eucalyptus, 9 varieties of Asian pears, Apples, Pineapple Guavas, Persimmons, Mulberry, Walnut, Olive, Kiwi

Bush Kin

Hundreds of Blackberries and Raspberries

Flower Kin

Assortment of Flowers including Roses, Dahlias

Native Plant Kin

California Poppy, Plantain, Comfrey

Animal Kin

Gophers, Owls, Bluebirds, Bluebirds 

Skunks & Snakes 

Invertebrate Kin 

Millions of Worms, Spiders, Centipedes, Millipedes, Ladybugs, Aphids, Bees, Butterflies, Moths, Beetles, Roly Poly’s and more...

Human Kin

Octavia Butler

Ancestor - Our Sankofa - We love and honor you as we fulfill your healing visions!  Octavia birthed the name “Earthseed” in her Parable of the Sower Series. Image by jadefrolics.com

Pandora Thomas

Founder/Land Steward

Richelle Johnson

Operations Manager

Jenelyse Woolery

Farm Manager

Basia Doran

Farm Steward

Tomas Paniagua

Elder - Head Farm Steward

Kabil Romero

Farm Steward

Fernando Paniagua

Farm Steward

Antonio Paniagua

Farm Steward

Juan Flores

Farm Steward

Manuel Flores

Farm Steward

Fernando Gonzalez

Farm Steward

John Valenzuela

Orchard Consultant


EARTHseed Farm

3175 Sullivan Rd.

Sebastopol, CA 95472


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EARTHseed Farm is a 501(c)2 organization established in 2021.